Individual therapy creates the unique space needed to learn, develop, and grow your own sense of self. It’s the place you can invest in your relationship with yourself. Individual therapy allows for one-on-one work with a therapist who supports, honors, validates, and highlights your strengths, experiences, and overall life story. This can be done through a variety of techniques including traditional talk therapy using various guiding modalities, body and breath work connection, mindfulness, and more. This service is tailored specifically to the unique needs of each person.


Couples therapy is counseling support for your relationship. In this space, the relationship itself is the client. This includes support for life partnerships, new couples, married couples, or those anywhere in the separation range from considering it to fully separated.  Couples therapy is a place you can invest in building or rebuilding connections and strengthening your relationship overall.  We focus on the current patterns within your relationship as well as the individual narratives that ultimately contribute to the patterns, perceptions, and habits in the relationship. Once these are understood, we can work together to create a shared language or meaning that brings you towards each other. Couples therapy is collaborative meaning the therapist works with the couple to identify areas of dissatisfaction and work to shift and rebuild your experience of closeness and intimacy.


Family Therapy can happen in a variety of ways. In this space, the family as a whole is the client. The focus can vary from the parents, to siblings, to the parent-child relationship, to some combination of all three. Family therapy provides support for all family members meaning children of all ages, parents, stepparents, and at times, this can also include extended and/or chosen family members. This is a compassionate space to address conflict patterns, family roles, attachment, estrangement, disconnection, and more. I will help to “re-frame” reactions and provide the family with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles. In determining the goals for family therapy, it's important to meet with the entire family and decide together which direction is best suited for your needs.

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